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By The Fireside

Thank You For Joining Us For "Song of Us"

We're so impressed with your writing skills. Now it's time to record it! Please read through the recording and submission instructions and feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Recording + Submission Instructions

Audio submissions are due by Saturday, December 11, 2021

You will need: 
1. A smartphone with an audio recording app.
2. A separate device that can playback audio (a laptop or tablet is recommended)
3. A pair of earbuds/earphones
4. "By The Fireside" digital sheet music and practice tracks.

Geting Ready:
1. Download the "By The Fireside" digital sheet music & practice tracks found above.
2. If needed, download a free audio recording app such as Voice Memos or Voice Recorder. 
3. Set-up your recording environment: Choose a quiet room, preferably a bedroom. Don’t record in a bathroom or in a large tall room because those rooms have a lot of natural echo. And don't forget to let your family know you will be recording. Ask them to be quiet and keep pets quiet too.
4. Finally, before you start recording on your smartphone, mute the device or put it in airplane mode. You don’t want to interrupt your own audio with the ping of a new message or the rattling vibrations of an incoming phone call.


1. In your playback device (laptop) open your sheet music and practice track. Do not use your physical printed music because you'll hear the page turns in the audio recording. 
2. Connect your earbuds/earphones to your playback device (laptop). 
3. Press record on your recording device (smartphone).
4. Start the audio on your playback device (laptop) and pull up your sheet music to scroll through as you sing & record.

Clap 4 times on the 2nd measure of the click. You'll hear: 1,2,3,4 then, clap, clap, clap, clap. Make sure to clap along when you record. This is a critical step for audio syncing. 

We should only hear your voice on the recording you submit. You'll hear the instrument track in your head phones and sing-along to it but only your voice will be recorded. 

1. Transfer the audio recording to your computer. 

2. Rename your file like this:
Name of the song – Your Name
Example: By The Fireside - Annie Mendez

3. Submit your audio below. Simply drag and drop the file into the upload pool below, complete the form and click submit. 

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