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Singers in the Miami Children’s Chorus develop artistic excellence through choral music.

The Miami Children’s Chorus has provided singing instruction since 1965. It offers children the opportunity to study and perform traditional and experimental forms of choral music. Children can participate – by audition – in one of three levels. Through singing, listening, solfege, and musical analysis, they explore the challenges of making music. All instruction is aimed at developing the young singers’ ability and skill set as a practicing artists.

  1. What is the MCC?

    The Miami Children’s Chorus is a nonprofit community chorus in Miami-Dade County for youth age 8-18.

  2. When does the choir meet?

    MCC has three levels of ensemble. The rehearsal schedule for each is:

    Inizio [BEG Level] • Wed. – 5:15PM to 6:30PM
    Intermedio [INT Level] • Mon. & Wed. – 6:00PM to 7:45PM
    Avanzato [ADV Level] • Mon. & Wed. – 6:30PM to 8:30PM

  3. Where does the choir hold rehearsals?

    MCC conducts primary rehearsals at Riviera Presbyterian Church – 5275 Sunset DR, Miami 33143

  4. How much does it cost to join?

    Tuition for the 2017-2018 Season is:

    Inizio [BEG Level] • Wed. – $450
    Intermedio [INT Level] • Mon. & Wed. – $650
    Avanzato [ADV Level] • Mon. & Wed. – $750

    Payments are made according to the schedule chosen. Scholarships through the
    Christie Prieto Memorial Scholarship Fund can be applied for once a member of MCC.

  5. Are scholarships available?

    Chorister families can apply for tuition scholarships through the Christie Prieto Memorial Scholarship Fund. All choristers must pay the $100 registration fee.

  6. Are there required uniforms for performances?

    There are two uniforms for participation in MCC. A casual uniform and a formal uniform. Specific uniform information is distributed once you have joined MCC. Costs vary depending on your ensemble assignment. MCC has a supply of used uniforms for purchase.

  7. How can I join the MCC?

    To audition to join the MCC complete the online Audition Form. You can also request an audition form by using the e-mail address with the subject line AUDITION FORM REQUEST. Once we receive your information we will contact you to schedule an appointment when auditions are being conducted.