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Grazie Mille

Grazie Mille

Select members of the MCC Advanced Chorus had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer, travelling on performance tour to Italy! During their 10-day tour, the chorus visited Rome, Siena, Montecatini, Florence, Venice, Lake Como, and Milan, performing for Italian audiences in Rome, Florence, St. Marks Cathedral in Venice, Pordenone, Mortara, and Lake Como. Every year the MCC plans a domestic or international performance tour with its choristers to give them the opportunity to share their artistry and passion with new audiences, and to learn what its like to be a touring professional musician. The MCC is a children’s chorus of the highest quality recognized for its excellence around the globe in large part because of its long history of exceptional performances on tour. The chorus has travelled internationally to Austria, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and Italy. And within the United States to California, Tennessee, Chicago, Oregon, Washington D.C, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Touring is a wonderful experience for children as it promotes the forging and strengthening of friendships and provides opportunities for cultural exchange and learning. The memories created while on tour are truly special and last a lifetime.