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The Big Sing

Sunday, March 12, 2023, 3PM - Join The Miami Children’s Chorus and its friends - the Children’s Voice Chorus, Miami Sound Space Choir, and the Civic Chorale of Greater Miami - for an afternoon of singing with friends and family.

Come together to fill the Arsht Center with the voices of our community while you learn and sing songs in a variety of genres. From pop to musical theater, folk, jazz, and opera, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy! MCC and its friends will walk you through and every step of the way. 

The program will conclude with an arrangement of the classic hit “Lean on Me” that incorporates the hymn “We Shall Overcome.” You can prepare for the final number using the digital resources found below.

Attend the Event

Learn the Song

Step 1: Download the sheet music

Step 2:
Watch the full tutorial video above.
Pause, rewind, play, & sing-along. 

Step 3:
Pick-up where you left off or practice specific sections of the song by using the video clips below.

Step 4:
Listen to your vocal practice track.
Pause, rewind, play, & sing-along. 

Step 5:
When you feel ready, practice singing on your own using the piano track and sheet music. 

Step 6:
When ready, practice singing your part with the full song track, use the sheet music as your guide.