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Oye! Choral Festival Teacher Workshop

Friday, June 14, 2024
9:00 am12:00 pm
First United Methodist Church of Coral Gables

Work with Dr. Cristian Grades - OYE! Choral Festival Artist in Residence.

Workshop Title: Performance Practices in Latin American Choral Music

One of the fascinating aspects of Latin American music in general is its diversity both among and within countries or regions. Each country has musical expressions that represent various cultures, ethnic groups, cultural backgrounds, regional flavors, instrumentation, and even particular cadences and accents in the language. Throughout time, choral music in Latin America has been an excellent outlet for national identity as well as a fruitful space for cultural cross-pollination. The choral output of the entire region of Latin America is large and rich, and there is a group of talented composers that have lead the way in the process of creation. In this session we will explore the nine most important considerations to appropriately perform Latin American choral music. Come and join us in the wonderful adventure of musical discovery.

Dr. Grases is an incredible choral composer, conductor, and music educator from Caracas, Venezuela. He is a member of the Executive Board of the International Federation for Choral Music, serving as Vice President and representing Latin America and the Caribbean. His contributions to Latin American choral repertoire are invaluable!

As this year's festival clinician, Dr. Grases will conduct our festival choirs performing several of his pieces, including the world premiere of "Pacencia, Piojo" commissioned for this festival.

Learn from Dr. Grases
Friday 6/14 FREE Teacher Workshop.